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This is a friendly reminder about our Talking Art gatherings in the Upper Mountains.

They are at 4pm at the Carrington Hotel Library the first Saturday of each month. Just check in at reception to find your way and order your drinks and nibbles at the bar to bring with you.  The inaugural BMCAN* Upper Blue Mountains Talking Art get together on the 1st of September was a small but lively affair which involved discussions around the projects of those present which included one raised idea now proceeding into development with two of the members, (more about that soon). (Pictured (LtoR) – Barbara Lepani, Madeline Coelho(see on the November Arts Trail), Wendy Tsai who is piloting the Talking Art Project for BMCAN. Contact Wendy to be involved, Ian McGilvray, Beverley E.Taylor and partner).

A great opportunity for Upper Blue Mountain Artists to meet and get to know each other a bit better, and we  asked members to suggest ways in which we could create  future get togethers and events with speakers such as other artists, creative professionals and how to deliver these in a number of ways such as live online, podcasts, etc.

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Attendees included

Wendy Tsai



Ian McGilvray <>,

Madeline Coelho <>

Susan Cochrane <>

Beverley E.Taylor<>


We had a great time networking and took down everyone’s suggestions.

The next one should be the 6th october, 2018 but check the Facebook page below to confirm.

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*Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network